All work is custom, and attention to detail is key. The whole purpose of digital editing video is to obtain a polished and completed audio and visual product that best represents the event you had videotaped. Editing video is our passion and has brought us much joy all through the years.

Our Post-Production includes cuts, transitions, creating titles, working with sound, mastering DVDs and CDs, and graphic art work. This process is referred to as non-linear editing. It's a procedure of putting the video clips into a sequence, fine tuning the relationships between clips, adjusting the sequence as needed, determining the transitions between video clips, and balancing the colours and exposure of each video clip.

We watch all the video footage, and decide which parts are not interesting and cut those parts out. We then put the most interesting parts of the video back together. Assembling the building blocks of what will become your finished video production. We look at ways of bringing out the full potential of your idea. The core concept in movie editing continuity is that everything counts, ever detail.

Editing is the final process of creating a project whether on film or in digital media, which is the art of assembling all of the elements of sound and images created during production. Without the editing process, a video or animation is nothing more than footage. Our goal is to create the best connection between shots in a scene to tell a story. After your footage is logged, the process of capturing, or importing, of video source material from tape or digital media begins.

We are an in-house post production facility that does non-linear digital editing, video tape transfer to DVD, photo and video slide shows to CD or DVD.

So, if you're looking for beautiful and professionally made videos, we can handle your projects. Let us know what it is that you want to accomplish with video. We can do it, no matter what the subject matter might be.