Pre-Production: Every person has a story, Make sure yours gets told. No one will do a better job of preparing scripts and transcripts to suit your needs than Media Pulse.


Production: We are among the few companies in India, who take care of all your requirements - for filming, transfers, conversions, coverage, editing, broadcasting etc.


Post-Production: All work is custom, and attention to detail is key. The whole purpose of digital video editing is to obtain a polished and completed audio and visual product.


Translation:  Our Expert team of professional translators in all Indian languages and abroad can cater to your multilingual solutions.

Welcome to Media Pulse

Media Pulse is a Television, Film, Audio and Video production service designed to assist in the script writing, translation, pre-production, production and post-production needs of creative artists, filmmakers, corporates, SMEs and producers with extremely low budgets to High budgets, to suit their needs.  Our goal is to aid in completing your artistic vision at a highly affordable price.